Discipleship Training

The church ministry concerns a process, not a program

Discipleship Training

The discipleship training of the Joyful Church consists of whole-personal trainings, which are carried out as individual members of the church experience spiritual changes and growth in faith in the church community; it does not depend on simple learning methods to raise leaders through specific programs or education.

Just as people cannot be disciples only by going through specific programs, the Joyful Church aims to raise up shepherds having experienced the process of their lives being changed and renewed and living as true disciples of the Christ.

  • 01 Evangelical training
  • 02 Cell settlement training
  • 03 Growing up in the church life
  • 04 Raising up workers for the church
  • 05 Raising up spiritual workers

Discipleship Training Books

The Cornerstone

People Who Met Jesus

Church Life Guide


A Leader Guide

Books of Timothy

Books of Peter

Books of Samuel

Gospel of Mark vol.1

Gospel of Mark vol.2

Gospel of Luke

Change Your Heart, Change Your Life

A Come Guide

The Marriage and Family Made by God

Book of Acts

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